TV Promos & Sizzle Reels

Orange is the New Black Netflix Content
Handmaid’s Tale Campaign
“24” Promos and Sizzle Reel
Always Sunny in Philadelphia Comic-Con -Jimmy Kimmel TV Promos
Boston Legal Promos
The Simple Life Promos
Dr. Phil TV Promos
Trailer Park Boys Netflix Promos
Tennis Channel Promos & Shows
Washington State Parks Campaign
NTSB Alaska
Curb Your Enthusiasm Reel
Hillary Clinton – Feed the Future UN
Puss in Boots, Netflix Promos
Universal Studios Japan Promos
The Voice TV Promo
Star Trek Promos for FX
Studio 60 Promos
That 70’s Show Promos
Entertainment Tonight Promos
Cold Case TV Promos
Michael Jackson NBC Special
MTV’s “Fast Inc.” Pilot
Bones TV Spots, Sales Reel
American Voodoo Trailer

Deadpool Campaign
Dolphin Tale TV Spot
Monte Carlo TV Spots
Arthur TV Promos
Across the Universe TV Spot
Tomb Raider 1 & 2 TV Spots
Passengers Promo
Batman V. Superman Campaign
Annie Teaser
Red Riding Hood TV Promos
Charlie’s Angels 2 TV Spot
Good Dick Theatrical Trailer
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Trailer

DVD Content / Featurettes

Night at the Museum 1 and 2 Special Features
Chuck, Seasons 1-3 Special Features
Two and A Half Men, Seasons 1-6 Special Features
Harold & Kumar I and 2 Special Features
Blades of Glory Special Features
Tropic Thunder
Andy Richter Controls the Universe Special Features
The Godfather: Making of the Game Special Features
Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny Special Features
Brisco Country Jr. Special Features
Documentaries & Documentary Trailers
“Gone Until December” Documentary Series for DirecTV
Irvin Mayfield: The Road to Carnegie Hall
Heaven Help Us Documentary Extended Trailer
The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing for A.C.E. (American Cinema Editors)

Tribute & Specialty

Tribute to Hillary Clinton from World Leaders
Alan Grayson Political Campaign
Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards Reel
Oliver Stone Sizzle Reel
Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL—Official video shown at the museum

Work timeline
Freelance Editor (Netflix, Dolby, Bravo, Vesper, Create Advertising, Happy Hour, Goodspot, AOL, Studio City, Stun Creative, Fresh Pictures, The Tennis Channel, Various Movie Studios)

Trailer Park, Inc. – Editor, Theatrical Movie Trailers and TV Promos

1999—2000 – Production Assistant, Assistant Editor and Web Design


Final Cut Pro
After Effects
Problem solving
Managing projects
Client relations
TV Promos
DVD Content
Home Entertainment
Sizzle, Sales Reels
Pilots, Launch Spots
Reality TV
Music Videos/ Behind the Scenes
TV Promos
DVD Content
Home Entertainment


Full Sail Film School
Film Degree University of Florida – AA Degree in Advertising

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